Uriah Heep High And Mighty Expanded Deluxe Edition Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьюторы: Sanctuary Records, ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик" Россия Лицензионные товары инфо 12185e.

Издание содержит раскладку с дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание 1 One Way Or Another 2 Weep In Silence 3 Misty Eyes 4 Midnight 5 Can't Keep A Good band Down 6 аэлимWoman Of The World 7 Footprints In The Snow 8 Can't Stop Singing 9 Make A Little Love 10 Confession 11 Name Of The Game (Previously Unreleased Version) (Bonus Track) 12 Sundown (Alternate Version) (Bonus Track) 13 Weep In Silence (Previouslyблоег Unreleased Extended Version) (Bonus Track) 14 Name Of The Game (Demo Version) (Bonus Track) 15 Does Anything Matter (Demo Version) (Bonus Track) 16 I Close My Eyes (Demo Version) (Bonus Track) 17 Take Care (Demo Version) (Bonus Track) 18 Can't Keep A Good Band Down (Edited Version) (Bonus Track) Исполнитель "Uriah Heep".