Sleeping with Strangers Издательство: Dutton Adult, 2007 г Твердый переплет, 336 стр ISBN 0525949992 инфо 2960n.

*Starred Review* Gideon took his name from the hollowed-out Bible the preacher was holding when Gideon killed him Assassin Gideon's goal is to make a million dollars so he can retire, and until then no contraаэиярct is too distasteful Bruno is also a hit man, one beset with domestic worries, and he is on a surefire collision course heading straight to Gideon Suspenseful right up to the cliff-hanger ending, gritty, graphic, and often gory, best-selling Dickey's latest high-tenблмумsion tale is a serendipitous mix of lust, longing, and murder Quirky details and observations pepper the pages and pop up in conversations--"Miss Universe was from Lobatse, Botswana"; "Takes two days to drive across Texas" And the pacing is amazing; action scenes are often broken down into rapid-fire one-sentence paragraphs, and the essence of each character is captured in a few brief sentences Not only will Dickey's many readers be thrilled to see a new novel, бсжрыthis one is also sure to create new fans Watch for the rest of the story in Waking with Enemies, due out August 2007 Shelley Mosley Copyright © American Library Association Автор Эрик Джером Дики Eric Jerome Dickey.